Meet the Facilitators!

Andy Hill, Chris Worcester, Kimball C. Pier Ph.D. LMFT

Christian Steele, Dee Dee Boies, Dinny Evans, Jackie griffin, Jon L Weedn,

Leisa Peterson, Phyllis Matyi, Polly Ryan, Richard Mallett


Andy Hill
: Director of For Goodness Sake

Contact: andy@goodnesssake.org

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Chris Worcester
: Tai Chi Chih,
Monday evenings, 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Chris Worcester has been practicing & teaching Tai Chi Chih since 1986 in and around the Truckee/Tahoe communities. Chris was accredited in Tai Chi Chih and Seijaku, an advanced form of the Tai Chi Chih, by the forms originator & Tai Chi Chuan master Justin Stone. Along with the Tai Chi Chih Chris brings humor, spirit & grace into the movements through a deep sense of collaboration with the mystery which manifests itself. Having practiced many forms of meditation, peace walking with Buddhist monks, praying with Native Americans, Oneness with local devotees, variety is ever present in his class. Through the cyclical nature of the human experience, Chris keeps coming home to the simple profound ways of Tai Chi Chih. Working with Renewable Energy, Solar & Wind power by day and sharing in the balancing, joyous energy of the Tao during evening classes lends to his creativity. Living with respect for the earth through a simple way of life, off the grid, practicing what he shares. As Justin Stone would say, practice, practice, practice is our sure way back to our basic nature, intrinsic joy.

Contact: chris@solarwindworks.com

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Phyllis Matyi

Phyllis trained in the Zen while living in Asia in her 20’s and began practicing Tibetan Buddhism in 1983.
She completed a Five Year Vajrayana Lineage Program, similar to the traditional three-year retreat, but as a householder, under the guidance of Lama Palden, resident Lama of Sukhasiddhi.
She completed the first inter-Lineage three year Zen/Vajrayana Teacher Training Program and is authorized to teach in the Kagyu Lineage (Tibetan/Vajrayana).  Accordingly, she holds the title "Mitra," Sanskrit for "spiritual friend." Phyllis apprenticed in the Navajo Lineage as well and is an attorney in private practice.

Contact: phyllisamatyi@comcast.net

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Dee Dee Boies

Dedicated to the study and practice of meditation, DeeDee’s focus is on providing a safe, supportive and loving space for each to explore their own inner world through guided meditation practice.  She enjoys researching and sharing ways to expand the many benefits of meditation bringing balance and harmony, the natural state of being.

Contact For Goodness Sake to get in touch with Dee Dee.

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Polly Ryan
: Truckee Tara Mandala Meditation Group, Sundays, 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Polly Ryan has studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism for 24 years with Lama Tsultrim Allione and B. Alan Wallace and many other Tibetan teachers including HH the Dalai Lama. Having met the educational and practice requirements of Lama Tsultrim's Kapala Training in 2008, Polly is now certified as a Feeding Your Demons Therapist and is among those currently authorized by Lama Tsultrim to teach this work to others. Polly has practiced psychotherapy for 25 years and lives in Truckee, CA with her husband, children, dogs, cat, rat and horses. She leads the Tahoe-Reno Kapala Mandala Sangha here at For Goodness Sake in downtown Truckee.

Contact: pollyryanmft@yahoo.com

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Jackie Griffin, RN BSN

Jackie is a practicing RN at Tahoe Forest Hospital and has been practicing meditation for 20 years. She found Truckee in 2006 and fell in love with its beauty and the positive energy of this community. 
Through her direct experience, she has come to know that meditation is the key to finding health, happiness and balance in one's life. She believes in holistic healing and the melding of western and eastern traditions. 

Having been raised by a  German/Swiss father and an Indian mother, she is the result of "east meeting west"! Her goal is to facilitate more holistic practices in the hospital and clinical settings in Truckee.

She facilitates a 1 hour practice which is based on the Vipassana style of sitting mediation which is guided. 
Discussions are based on Jon Kabot-Zinn's  "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" techniques and research.


Jon L Weedn

More to come . . .

Contact: jweedn@sierraagape.org

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Richard Mallett
: A Course in Miracles Study Group, Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Richard is a California native, 39-year Tahoe City resident, and 25-year student of A Course in Miracles; a classic "slow learner".

Contact: : richardmallett@sbcglobal.net

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Dinny Evans

More to come . . .

Contact: forgivecoach@gmail.com

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Christian Steele

More to come . . .

Contact: christiansteele@att.net

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Leisa Peterson

As a resident of Truckee since 2000, Leisa is married to Tim and has two kids, Zoe and Aidan (and a dog named max :)

Leisa has studied Tibetan Buddhism since 1999.

Contact For Goodness Sake to get in touch with Leisa.

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Kimball C. Pier, Ph.D., LMFT

Kimball C. Pier grew up in Squaw Valley, California. She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology and women studies at the University of Washington in Seattle while raising her two children. She holds a master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University and advanced divorce mediation certification from Pepperdine University School of Law’s Straus Institute. Kimball completed a Ph.D. in depth psychology in 2013. Kimball has been a practicing therapist since 1995.
She spent over 35 years competing as a professional distance runner participating in three Olympic Marathon Trials and representing the United States in international competition and as a top-ranked athlete in many national championships winning several national titles.
Her doctoral work in depth psychology is based in the work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, James Hillman and Marion Woodman. Kimball is a devoted student of yogic and Buddhist philosophy and applies mindfulness and Ayurvedic practices in her therapeutic work in addition to ecopsychotherapy (relationship between humans and nature), dream-tending and understanding the collective consciousness. Kimball’s therapeutic practice is guided by the idea that we are all teachers for one another and that humble inquiry and maintaining an open-hearted approach is key to encouraging connection. She founded Sierra Agape Center in 2010, a local non-profit organization whose mission is to offer a range of psychotherapeutic and adjunct healing services on a donation basis in the Buddhist tradition or Paramita of generosity (Da-na).

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