FOR GOODNESS SAKE is a Holistic Spiritual Resource Center where you are all welcome to:

  • EXPLORE your spiritual nature and relationship with life;
  • LEARN with an open heart and an open mind;
  • EXPAND your awareness of self and others;
  • CONTRIBUTE to the greater good.

We are committed to nurturing happiness and well being for all by inspiring greater kindness and compassion towards self and others and encouraging positive action in life.

We provide:

  • A VARIETY OF PATHS, including ancient and modern, spiritual and secular, to explore the mystery of life, the power of kindness and compassion, and the importance of both inner life and community;
  • RESOURCES including a library, meditation, courses, training, speakers and film screenings;
  • COLLABORATION with other non-profits and partnering with businesses to better serve the community and beyond.
  • A SAFE PLACE that supports those seeking to enrich their spiritual life and enhance their sense of peace, happiness and well being, whether they view themselves as spiritual, religious, atheistic or agnostic, offering our services without agenda or dogma.

We strive to be:

  • RESPECTFUL of the uniqueness of all people, their experience and the path they are traveling.
  • OPEN-HEARTED in the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing for all.  
  • OPEN-MINDED, accepting and compassionate towards everyone.
  • A COMMUNITY of diverse individuals seeking positive, healthy connections with others.

We are dedicated to helping people thrive and to be a dynamic, positive and evolving resource to all who seek greater awareness, personal growth and enduring happiness as they navigate life’s ups and downs in an ever-changing world. .

Come in and read one of our select books in a comfy chair by a cozy fire. Meditate, pray, and reflect or meet with friends and grow through meaningful conversation and discussion. Bring your children and read a book together on the double rocking chair, or act out a story in the puppet theatre.

LOCATION: 10157 Donner Pass Road in historic downtown Truckee.

HOURS: Monday-Saturday: 10am-2pm; Plus evening clases: See Calendar



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